Jessie Lecomte

Dameskledij Jessie Lecomte’s designs frame a woman’s body with the artful subtly of a Japanese Kimono: the feminine silhouette accentuated by the sophisticated geometry of her tailoring. The pure, wearable forms of her clothes belie the fastidious stitching that give them shape and movement: pleats, tucks, and twists lend every piece an edge, from the sharp, unexpected folds on a simple trouser or jersey top, to the mass of fine pleats that allow a jacket to drape and swoop with the fluid grace of a bird’s wing. After graduating from the Antwerp Academy in 1996, Lecomte honed her skills working with Belgium’s top fashion houses before starting her own label in 2007. Taking inspiration from contemporary art and ethnographic photography as well as pop culture, her vision was marked from the start by its sophistication. Her foundation stone is the generous quality of her textiles, from the finest spun cashmere to stiff Japanese silks, which are worked over with successive layers of embroidery, print and beadwork, giving the pieces extraordinary depth of field, but always with an elegant equilibrium.
Chemin des Oiseleurs 84
1180 Uccle
Google Map van Chemin des Oiseleurs 84, 1180 Uccle
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